What Qualities Will You Ook for in Your Future Husband or Wife?

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Short story Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: March 30, 2011

I am still studying but pretty soon I will be earning a living and thinking of getting married. Most people marry for love but all too often marriages break up because they have chosen unsuitable partners.

It is therefore important for me to choose my future husband carefully as I want my marriage to be happy and to last. I realise my own imperfections and know that any romantic notions of marrying Mr World is out.

Besides, physical perfection is no guarantee for inner beauty and mental strength which are more essential. Of course, I want my husband to be good-looking but he must be gregarious, with a pleasant personality and an ability to mix with everyone easily.

He must be well-educated, at least up to degree. He must also be caring and be able to think independently. Some women like a submissive husband but I would like mine to stand up for his own point of view if he feels I am wrong. This, I think, would make for more exciting interaction and a meaningful relationship.

Nevertheless, there must be some common ground. I love reading and have a wry sense of humour that few Malaysians appreciate. I therefore want a husband who has a good sense of humour and enjoys a good book, too. What intellectual discussion we could have, dissecting the short stories of Guy de Maupassant or admiring the glory and grandeur of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

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