What Motivates People to Visit Themed Hotels

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BS 3149 Research Methods in a Hospitality Context

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Robert Gordon University
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BA Hotel and Hospitality Management Course

Research Methods in a Hospitality Context
Motivation of people to visit themed hotels
Module Co-ordinator: Heather Robinson

Submission Date: 13:00 19th December 2011
Word Count: 4200

The following research paper aimed to answer the question about motivations of the customers to visit themed hotels. Researcher chose this topic because it is very interesting field to do the research on as themed hotels are becoming more popular among travelers. Author of the research set objectives to follow: to review the elements of the themed hotels, to identify customers’ preferences in selecting the hotel and finally to explore the motivation of the themed hotel’s guest in Luzern. Author analyzed secondary data which includes the researches already done, journal articles and appropriate academic literature, as well as primary research data which was collected by the surveys distributed in the themed hotel. The sampling method used was random sampling: the questionnaire was left at the front desk at the Jail Hotel, Luzern. Researcher combined those resources in order to have a clear picture of the researched topic. In fact results were gathered together and analyzed with using graphs and tables. Data received appeared informative to the author. In conclusion few recommendations were given to the appropriate businesses.

Table of Contents

Abstract i
Table of Contents ii
List of Figures iii
List of Appendices iv/v


2. Literature Review8

3. Methodology.11

4. Results and analysis12

5. Conclusion with recommendations18



List of figures
Fig 4.1 Nationality of customers12
Fig 4.2 Where the customers knew about the hotel from13
Fig 4.3 Criteria of choosing the hotel14
Fig 4.4 Experience after visiting themed hotel15
Fig 4.5 Customers’ evaluation of themed hotels’ idea16
Fig 4.6 Hotels which customers wish to visit16
Fig 4.7 of the customers about the developing of theme hotels17

List of Appendices
Appendix 1 Sample of survey22
Appendix 2 The age groups of customers24
Appendix 3 Time of staying25
Appendix 4 Desire of the guests to visit themed hotel again25
Appendix 5 Themed hotel is the place to get the unusual experience25
Appendix 6 Age group of respondents26
Appendix 7 Gender26
Appendix 8 Nationality of the customers26
Appendix 9 Length of staying in the hotel26
Appendix 10 Purpose of traveling26
Appendix 11 How did customers know about the hotel26
Appendix 12 Criteria of choosing the hotel26
Appendix 13 Getting unusual experience after staying in the hotel27
Appendix 14 Wish to visit themed hotel one more time27
Appendix 15 Evaluation of the idea of themed hotels27
Appendix 16 Themed hotel customers like to visit27
Appendix 17 If customers will recommend the hotel27
Appendix 18...
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