What Makes a Good Teacher?

Topics: Education, Teacher, Knowledge Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The image of a good teacher is very subjective because every person appreciates different traits of character in others. It is quite difficult to explain what kind of people one would like to have as friends; it is much more challenging to describe a good teacher not to mention an ideal one. Though the question “What makes a good teacher?” is a really complicated one there is one trait that seems self-evident – love for the work. If a university graduate has a number of diplomas but he/she doesn’t love their job they are at a deadlock. A big salary will never make up for the lack of interest in the profession. And if the situation is the opposite: a teacher loves his/her job, finds it exiting then it becomes easier for the students because they are affected by the teacher’s attitude to the subject. The notion of responsibility is also quite essential, as every teacher needs to remember the importance of not only giving all the possible information to the students but also the necessity of making sure that everything was clear enough to understand and memorize. Then it means that the knowledge will be retained through many years. If a pedagogue forgets that he/she is the one-in-chief and that the responsibility for the students rests on his/her shoulders the educational process will be spoiled. Another necessary feature is the desire to continue the learning despite all the experience. If at some point a pedagogue starts to think that he/she knows everything and doesn’t need to develop their knowledge at that very moment they become unqualified. There is not a single person in the world who knows absolutely everything even if one takes into consideration an expert in a specific sphere. A good teacher will always try to get some new information from his/her students in exchange for what he/she gives to them. Probably many people will also say that a sense of humour is an excellent addition to all the above-described traits. It will always help a teacher to relieve...
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