What Makes a Good Presentation

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What makes a good presentation?
Presentation is the practice of showing and explaining the content of a topic to an audience or learner. The fundamental part of a presentation is about knowing how to present your information to the audience. In many cases, you can make the ultimate impression on your audience by how you present your information and yourself rather than the information you’re presenting.

Quality of a presentation can be scaled in various aspects. Material, voice, body language and appearance are few of the most important aspects that can determine the quality of a presentation. During the rest of this article, I am going to focus on these key aspects and talk about how one can follow the guidelines to help themselves to deliver an impressionable presentation.

Nobody will pay attention to your presentation if the material is not interesting or if it’s boring just the way no one would watch a boring movie or read a boring book. By this I am trying to imply that even though a presentation can be completely ruined by someone who doesn’t know how to present the information they’ve gathered, equally if the material someone is about to present is bogus or not interesting it could also cause massive damage by boring the audience and losing their attention after a couple of minutes into their presentation.

The structure of the material that is going to be presented is also very important as it should be easy for the audience to follow and examples and stories related to the presenter can also be used to engage the audience and to make the presentation more interesting.[1] Humour can also be used but very lightly as not everyone might find it funny or the presenter could offend someone in the audience.

Rest of the aspects mostly depend on the presenter. During the presentation the presenter should be able to display their passion and excitement about the topic they’re presenting as well as they can impress the audience by being confident,...
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