Audience Paper

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Audience Analysis Paper

Shyra Monkres

University Of Phoenix

A person whom is good at presentations may have several reasons for being good. Ranging from knowing the information they are presenting to having high confidence to the ability to speak in front of large crowds. Another important ability is the knowledge of whom the audience is and how to communicate to different groups of people. Excellent communicators understand the different characteristics of the audience, the diversity in groups, the appropriate communication channels, and they look for ways to ensure their messages are effective and received.

To start off with the presenter must figure out who the audience and the different roles each are. The roles include the primary audience, the secondary audience, the auxiliary audience, the gatekeeper, and the watchdog. The primary audience will make the decision use ones message and act on it, while the secondary may need to comment or implement the message or plan. The auxiliary audience may see the message, however, not act on it. The gatekeeper decides if the message will be viewed by the primary audience. “A watchdog audience has political, social, or economic power and may base future actions on its evaluation of [the presenters] message.” (Locker, 2008). In the case where information of the present quarterly sales is delivered to managers, salespeople, and customers, the managers might be the primary audience. The salespeople are the secondary and customers are watchdogs.

A presenter can ask to analyze and figure out who their audience is by the use of several questions. Will the audience react positively or negatively to the information? What information and how much should be conveyed? What obstacles and problems might arise and how to overcome them? What are the positive aspects or benefits? How should the message be worded in language, organization, and...
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