What Makes Me Diverse

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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I feel that I can contribute to the overall student body of this college by engaging myself with fellow students. Teaching others what I have learned, as well as having an open mind to learn from others, can help us all. I believe that being a mother, wife, and registered nurse has molded me into the unique individual that I am today. My contributions to society help me to view myself and others like me in a different light. I believe that those who have committed themselves to helping others hold the key to nurturing our youth and elders alike. My career as a nurse began fourteen years ago. I started out as a licensed practical nurse. I enjoyed it immensely, but always felt that I could achieve more. Eleven years later, I graduated from an LPN to RN bridge program. I always knew that I wanted to help others; and everyday holds a different reward in itself. People often question how I am able to deal with illness and death so often. They also question if we, as caregivers, ever get depressed. My answer to them is that if I can make one person more comfortable in their last days, then I have made a difference. Of course there many more rewards to nursing. I truly believe that it takes a kind heart and caring person to commit oneself to a lifetime of helping others. I feel that I am truly blessed and honored to be amongst these. So, in summary; I believe that sharing these thoughts and feelings with others can help me to fit in at this school.
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