Nursing Transition

Topics: Nursing, Nursing shortage, Health Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Varying Roles of Nurses and Their Effects on the Decisions to Become a Nurse Cinnamon M. Komorek
Daytona State College

This paper explores the opinions of what a nurse really does and the contributions that I can make to the nursing profession. The question of what my goals are and how I intend to meet them are answered along with where I see myself in ten years. This paper also examines where I see the nursing profession in ten years and why.

Varying Roles of Nurses and Their Effects on the Decisions to Become a Nurse During my service in the United States Army, my insignia for the Medical Corps was “Care with Compassion.” I believe this holds true for nursing today. Nurses provide the highest quality of care achievable with compassion for the client. A nurse must be culturally sensitive, promote health, and apply knowledge of new sciences to their profession (Catalano, 2009). A nurse must have knowledge in many areas such as Psychology, Science, Ethics, Culture, Religion, Education, and Critical Thinking. Because of this knowledge, the emotional demands of nurses are much more than the physical demands (Catalano, 2009). I feel that I can make many contributions to the nursing profession. I am an extremely ethical person and will always try to make good ethical decisions. I have much respect for others and will always have a “good beside manner.” I see nurses every day in the medical field who seem burnt out and lose respect for their clients because they start viewing them not as a person, but as another number. I will never lose that respect and caring for others. I will treat others as I would want to be treated and never forget that they are a human being, not just a patient. My professional goals are to work in the operating room as an operating room nurse. I plan to go forward with my education by working towards my BSN and become certified in the operating room. I plan to work full time while taking classes to further my...
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