What Kept the Roman Empire Together?

Topics: Roman Empire, Augustus, Roman Republic Pages: 3 (1245 words) Published: March 13, 2013
What kept the Roman Empire together?
The Romans were people from a city called ‘Rome’, this was the greatest city of it’s time, at one point, there was nearly 1 million people living there. The Romans were very powerful people, who were extremely good at planning and fighting for Rome. The Roman Empire was a place, where the Roman army would gather to discuss their plans on how to make things better in the army. In my opinion, the least important reason for ‘What kept the Roman Empire together’ was the Roman Emperor. His name was Octavian, he had a war against Mark Anthony, Octavian won and became the most important man in Rome. He made a plan, which he called a meeting of the senate, he pretends to give up his powers, retire and go back to the Republic. He did this so people though he was modest. He was forced no to retire, so now no-one thought he was king. After this was agreed, Agrippa suggested he was given a special title; Augustus. Now no-one will call him Octavian, he will be Augustus, he says “A new name, means a new beginning.” Augustus was a good emperor; because he kept everything calm he did this by helping people even when he had no time, this meant that everybody was happy. He’d repaired water channels, roads, bridges and many more things, some, because they’d fallen down with age in several places. Also, he had the right skills needed to rule, he built buildings and made things a lot easier. This wasn’t the most important reason for ‘What kept the Roman Empire together’. The second least important reason is the frontiers. These are ‘Lines’ or boarders separating the Roman Empire from other countries. They were used to keep, what the Romans called ‘Barbarians’ out. They’d only be allowed in to buy or sell goods, as long as they’re unarmed. The Roman Empire made lines themselves; they had a ‘Fortification’ system, which made the lines stronger. The Northern Boarders had rivers such as ‘Rhine’ and ‘Danube’ this helped...
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