Uneducated Masses

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Education Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: October 11, 2012
The Rise of Uneducated Masses
Ancient Rome, the world’s most advanced civilization. The reason for this is that Rome started off with a passion for education and trying new things. The Romans always were making something to improve their civilization. For this love for intelligence, they became the world’s most advanced civilization. But now that they were at the top, what were they to do? Why don’t they take a short resting period? All throughout Rome, they decided they are big enough, they are strong enough, and no one would come to harm them. They were on top. But the laziness began to settle all throughout Rome, and nothing was being done. The people that had education and knew how to run this civilization were gone. They left the younger generations with no one. The collapse of the Roman empire. When the ancient civilization of Rome began, they were known as the most advanced civilization in their modern time period. Now, in order to gain this high status they had to have a large number of their people that were educated. In Rome, you were not a “civilized citizen” if you did not have a formal education background (“Roman Society, Roman Life”). With the bar set high for all these average citizens, they all had to do something to receive some education. They were taught agriculture, warfare, Roman traditions, public affairs, reading, and writing (“Rome”). With Rome’s people very educated they started to set out on inventing new technologies to make things bigger and better. Eventually, Rome developed a trade route that they could use to visit other places and bring information back and other cultures back as well. This is how the Roman Empire began, by educated their people and having them think of ways to make the civilization even better. Rome hit the high point; they were officially the biggest and the best of the empires of the modern world. Since Rome knew that they were on top and in control, they thought they could get a little lazy. Rome was growing...
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