What It Take to Be a Great Chef

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Great Chef Essay
July 12th, 2010

What It Takes for a Student to Become a Great Chef

The culinary profession can be rewarding if he or she stick with it. Most people do not know hard it is to be a chef. So most people start out by honing cooking skills with education. By doing so, you the student can build your experience. To me the most important key in being a great chef is the dedication. Through these characteristics you will have what is takes to be a chef. By developing these characteristics every student can learn what it take to become a great chef. In today's competitive job market, eduction will get people further in your career. Studies have shown people that will make more money by furthering your education after you get out of high school. Eduction give students a stronger base of what it take to be a great chef. It gives he or she the proper methods of cooking. Eduction keep up to date of the current cuisines and help students of chefs understand what and how people are eating and why the costumer is eating that way. Eduction is a good way to build your confidence and your skills. It will also gets students on there way to being a great chef. Now that your are out of school you got to stay dedicated to becoming the greatest chef you can be. Every great chef has worked long hours in a hot kitchen. Has had to deal with a costumers that is not happy with there food. Might even have had the owner of the restaurant telling the executive chef the he wants a complete menu change,because, it is not being as profitable as it once was You have to be dedicated enough to work through the bad times. An important part of being a great chef is having the experience. Experience show you have knowledge of what you are doing. Experience might be show you have got a wide verity of cooking cuisines. Like cooking French and American cooking styles. You can use your experience to help and guide your kitchen on a night when...
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