Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Cosmetics, Cooking, Cosmetology Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Compare and Contrast Essay

Deciding what you want do for the rest of your life can be difficult. Right after high school this is something you start to work for in college. Precisely the problem I had. I struggled deciding what I want to do for the rest of my life after graduate from collage, either to become a chef or makeup artist. I did not know whether becoming a chef or makeup artist was my passion in life. Frankly I enjoyed them both and couldn’t decide. I learned how to cook full meals when I was about nine years old my mother would call me to the kitchen to help her cook. I was always happy to be in the kitchen mixing up ingredients. There was something about creating a delicious dish and have people give you feed back on what I created, I loved it. But, I wasn’t only passionate about cooking I also loved to experiment with makeup. In my mothers room I would get such a satisfaction and excitement about dressing up and getting all dolled up with makeup. I would look like a different person after I applied makeup. It was like a Halloween night pretending to be someone else. Becoming a chef would mean I would be dealing with food not as colorful as makeup. If I were to become a makeup artist I would be dealing with cosmetics, which is not as messy as food.

Going in to Culinary School and becoming a chef has its benefits and its complications. Even though culinary and cosmetology are both a form of art the culinary world has a lot to do with food and messes in the kitchen. This art is shown when you decorate a dish with a simple flower or taste in food. When becoming a professional chef I would have to deal with recipes. Also making different dishes but not just basic meals like my mother taught me. Culinary school would teach me how to improve my cooking and different cultural dishes. In order for me to become the ultimate chef and a successful restaurant owner I would have to travel and find the next best thing. This would...
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