What Is a Spiritual Gift

Topics: Holy Spirit, God, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: December 13, 2012
What is a spiritual gift? It is the desire and power to fulfill God’s purpose (The Life application bible 1988). It is a joy and or a desire and a power. The word gift means: christmaton, comes from the root word char meaning joy. Every Christian has a spiritual gift. The gift helps perfect the body. “Just as each of us have one body, each member belongs to the all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given us, “Romans 12 verse 5. (The Life application bible 1988). Prophecy is one example. Prophecy is telling forth the truth of God; not giving a message from God. It does not mean for telling the future. Presenting God’s truth such as to convict people of sin and their need for their right relationship with God. The apostle Peter in acts chapter 2, The sermon at Pentecost. Highlights an individual has to be persuasive and speak well (rhetorical). An individual has to be highly opinionated, black or white, right or wrong. One who can see through people. Normally held in a group setting not individual. Some dangers of prophecy are being prideful of speech. Another is one being dependent on their own speaking skills rather than the Holy Spirit. An individual who tends to be insensitive of other people’s feelings. Serving is a gift which expresses meeting the needs of other people, i.e. Mary and Martha. First characteristic is one who wants to do something practical and can detect when another has a need This person has the unique ability to overlook personal discomfort to meet other people’s needs. The downside to serving is becoming bitter when their serving is unappreciated. The focus becomes over emphasizing on their practical needs rather than the spiritual needs. A judging of people who don’t have the gift. Teaching is the desire and ability to present and clarify biblical truths. A person who is extremely content and oriented to the word of God, but not to be confused with the ability to...
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