What Is Western Civilization

Topics: Western culture, Western world, Culture Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Patrick Weaver
Religion 204
Mr. Carlson
Religion Paper #2
What is Western Civilization and how does one describe it? Where does the west begin and were does it end, what exactly is the meaning of civilization? These are the questions that we have to ask ourselves. Because people are often both partial and biased, our definition of Western civilization is going to be comparative to how we see ourselves in this day and age. So let’s take a look into a brief description of what is meant by Western culture, and two specific examples of how the West is different from the rest. And follow up with one example of how the Bible has influenced the West for the better. I personally believe the fact of what is civilization and what is not civilization. To me it is much easier to define civilization as I know it. A group of people or society living together as a whole, doing are best to contribute to the best of our ability to try to help with the well being of our group and in other circumstances being able to count on others to help one do well or make necessary things happen. What does this mean? Lets explorer into two major qualities the West has adopted that separates them from the rest. Mangalwadi talks about how the bible had inspired rationality. He does this by closely examining different cultures. He makes significant points by pinpointing significant things in history, based off the West had become a thinking nation, with scientific, technological, economic success, and military. However, it did not get to be what it was through “Indian sages thought, primeval silence, senseless sound, energy, or impersonal consciousness” (Mangalwadi). However, more off the fact that if Gods truth, the creator of all meaning nothing was before him, but he thought with logic and rationality, then being rational and having logic must have some significance to what is Western culture. Which leads me into how some non Western cultures could be so irrational?...
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