What Is the Inspectors Role in the Novel an Inspector Calls?

Topics: An Inspector Calls, Social class, Sociology Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: November 5, 2011
What is the Inspectors role in the novel An Inspector Calls?

The Inspector plays an intriguing role in J.B Priestley’s Inspector Calls. There are many different interpretations of the Inspectors role in the play but in my opinion he represents the author Priestley without the audience knowing until the end of the play. The Inspector as a character is used to show Priestley’s views of social and political unjust of his time. Priestley does this by giving the inspector power to, question each character in the same way ‘socialism’, question people in a higher in a way the his not supposed to make most of the characters accept responsibility for the death and for one another, makes each character have self neglect and by showing the audience higher classed people are nasty creatures. This power the Inspector has over higher class members of society gives him a very mysterious and odd feel. An example of this is when he is first introduced to Gerald. The Inspector says “Gerald Croft, eh?” in a tone of distain and disrespect showing he doesn’t fear his wealth or social standing. The Inspector carries so much mystery about him that some people interpret him as a ghost or a figment of the imagination. In some theatre or film productions of the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ The Inspector is actually presented as a ghost. This idea is supported by the mysterious end to the book with the Birling phone ringing saying a girl has just died in the infirmary. The last words of the play, said by Birling are “A police inspector is on his way here – to ask some – questions-“This leaves the reader wanting to know more and is the perfect finish to the mystery novel. Further evidence for the interpretation of Inspector Goole being a ghost is his name, as Goole is pronounced the same as ghoul which have close links with ghosts. No matter whether the Inspector does really exist or not we know he plays a key role in tearing apart the Birling family and making them come to realise their...
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