Inspector Calls

Topics: An Inspector Calls, Police, Question Pages: 4 (1950 words) Published: March 13, 2013
‘An Inspector Calls’ is a play set in1912. However it was written by J.B Priestley in 1945 and set in Brumley. As he lived through both wars he could see what had actually happened in the time the play was set. J.B Priestley uses the characters to express his views on the issue of social responsibility, morality and about class divisions with many themes including greed, regret, guilt and blame. ''An Inspector Calls'' is about the Birling family who are quite wealthy. They are celebrating their daughter’s engagement to her fiancé, Gerald. Then an inspector arrives and breaks up the party and starts to question the family about a young girl called Eva Smith who had killed herself by drinking strong disinfectant. When the Inspector starts to question each member of the family they all seem to have some in involvement with Eva Smith. The inspector manages to slowly get each one to confess about being involved with Eva. After the Inspector leaves Gerald realises that he is a fake but at the very end they get a call saying a girl has just committed suicide and an inspector will be there shortly to question them. At the beginning Mr Birling makes a speech at the table when he talks about how a man should take care of himself and his family. As the play is set in 1912, but J.B Priestley wrote it in 1945, what Mr Birling says in his speech about how the Titanic is absolutely ''unsinkable'' we know as the audience what happened. Also he goes on to talk about how there would be no war or as he puts it “because the Kaiser makes a speech or two or a few German officers have too much to drink and begin talking nonsense, you’ll hear some people say that war’s inevitable and so that I say fiddlesticks “. After hearing a knock on the door the maid comes in with their visitor who introduces himself as Inspector Goole. They are all surprised when he tells them the story of Eva Smith who had committed suicide by drinking strong disinfectant. The inspector goes on to question the...
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