What Is the Ideal College?

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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What is an Ideal College?
“If you do not go to college and get a degree, then you are not going to be successful in life,” is a repeated statement said by parents with high expectations for their rising high school graduates. College has always been viewed as a road to success, or a stepping stone towards a great career from day one, even as little kids in kindergarten when our teachers asks us, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” High school is where this impacts us the most, because we have to take the SATs, pick our top college choices, and decide on our majors. When a person is searching for a college, then they are thinking, “What is my ideal college?” The ideal college has excellent academics, a comfortable social environment, and outstanding professionalism. They have a lot to think about, but it is really not as hard as they think if they stick to these three things.

The most important thing that students should consider when searching for “the ideal college” is academics. This includes the major. Does the college have the field of study that they want to pursue? If so, then they ask themselves, “what are the requirements and can I handle them?” They have to go in knowing what to expect, because if they do not then they will be like lost tourists at an amusement park. Also they have to check out the graduation rate. If it is low, then that university or institution may not be “the ideal college”. Think about it. Would a person want to go to the college with a seventy percent graduation rate or the college with the ninety-six percent graduation rate?

Even though academics are a number one priority when it comes to “the ideal college”, the personality and social environment of the college is also a priority. The students are wondering, “Does this college fit me as a person?” or, “will I enjoy myself here?” The average person may think that this should not be important. They may say, “The student should not be worried about enjoying...
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