What Is Kriya Yog?

Topics: Brain, Mind, Psychology Pages: 10 (4407 words) Published: May 18, 2013
WHAT IS KRIYA YOG? By Paramahansa Atmanandaji The Scientific Way of Simultaneous Benefits to Body, Mind, Intellect & Soul

Kriya Yog is the scientific way of simultaneous benefit to body, mind, intellect and Soul. I will now discuss briefly the meaning of Kriya Yog and then I will explain the use of term simultaneous. The two important aspects of Kriya Yog are the following: Perform all your actions, lovingly and mentally offer those actions to your Inner Self or the Soul. The other aspects are the Kriya Yog techniques. These are a combination of Physical Yog, Mental Yog and Spiritual Yog. It includes Mudras, Pranayam and Meditation.It is not a very farfetched idea that you can perceive the power of God working through this limited form of the body. Each religion teaches us how to find God, wealth, and peace. Whereas Kriya Yog can show you how to get calm mind, healthy & strong body, sharp & penetrating intellect, excellent memory, prompt understanding and ready wit, along with, God realization. Now, I will explain what simultaneous means in detail. Realization of one’s own Soul or Self, as mentioned in some of the ancient scriptures is a time-consuming process. Human longevity as mentioned in the scriptures, in the Indian yogic scriptures, the Upanishads, Vedas etc. ranges from 100 to 120 years of life. That has been curtailed due to various abuses we impose upon ourselves in day to day life, diseases, irregular habits of food, lack of exercise, and so many other minor transgression. In this one hundred years let us say it is cut down to 70 or 80 years In our daily life we see that six to eight hours goes in sleep, eight hours goes in our job, the reminder goes mostly to our enjoyments, recreation and relaxation. Then very often people become sick, go to hospitals and spend time and money there. So, where is the time for us in this life to realize the Self? So, we have to be particular in our judgments that we follow those techniques which will give us Self realization in this life without jeopardizing our own day to day life style. We cannot afford to retire to an ascetic hermitage or to Ashram. We have to live in this very life among our family, friends and relatives and among our colleagues. At the same time, we should enjoy perfect health, good health, vigorous health, and then a calm mind an unruffled mind. Next should come the power of judgment, no confusion in making decisions what is right and what is wrong. We must be able to tell quickly and then follow the right path. At the same time, in every action of ours, in every thought of ours, in every word of ours, we must realize that the all Pervading, Almighty Divine is activating us. These are, in short, some aspects of Kriya Yog. Importance of the Body Why do I mention the body? The soul transcends the body that’s okay, but the scriptures say “Sariram Adyam”. First, you keep your body healthy and strong. Through the body vehicle we perform all actions, including spiritual action, Yoga practice, and to improve our condition in this world. About the body the Yoga scriptures say we have got three types of bodies physical, astral and causal. They also say there are two types of bodies. One is a physical body, a nonliving body; you can call it a robot, the other physical body, this is our gross body. It is doing work that is the “Kri” body. The other is a living body, the divine body, which is the master of this robot, body that is called “Ya”. At the level of the eyebrows and above is the living body, the divine body, the all controlling body. Controlling means that it controls the entire universe. Each human body is a little universe microcosm. Then below this line at the level of eyebrows and from the neck down to the arms, chest, abdomen, thighs, legs and feet is the non-living body. You can call it a robot activated by the brain. It is the, human brain which is all powerful, which is living. Every point of this body is represented in the human brain. One spot of...
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