Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

Grand Canyon University: HLT-310V
March 16, 2013

Health care is a very diverse field. Two patients with the same diagnosis would have very different plans of care due to the underlying conditions and faith or religious practices involved with each patients healing process. This paper will discuss the healing aspect of three religions: Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism and compare them to the healing aspect of Christianity. Also information important to health care worker when caring for patients of these religions will be discussed.

Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
Christianity if the largest religion in the world and is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christianity has over two billion followers and there are thirty four thousand different denominations that followers classify themselves under. These include Jehovah Witnesses who believe in one God, Jehovah. They believe illness comes from the mind and body. Illness was passed on from Adam because he lost perfection. Jehovah Witnesses seek health care when they are sick but they refuse blood products since it’s prohibited by biblical passages. (Winslow, n.d, pg 10-11) Protestants use prayer for communication to God and believe that “God forgives freely and will save all who accept the gift of Jesus’ death for salvation”. (Winslow, n.d pg 14) Health practices should include improvements on the mind, body and spirit. Protestants do not have specific restrictions when it comes to receiving medical treatments. (Winslow, n.d pg 14-15) Judaism teaches there is a single God and focuses more on actions than on beliefs. Jews use the Torah, a gift from God, as a guide to how one should live their life. Health care workers are seen as instruments of God and are important when caring for the sick. (Winslow, n.d, pg26) Christians believe in one God, but this God contains three elements: God the Father, God the Son and The Holy Spirit. Christians...
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