What Is Islam

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What is Islam

Islam is the religion of the holly Qur’an, and people who follow this religion are called Muslims. The belief of Muslims is that there is only one god who is grateful and carry about his subordinate. The prophet Mohammed, who wasn’t able to read before the gift from Allah (god in the Arabic language), was the first to find Islam. After its recognition Islam was acquiring different denominations as Sunni Islam, Shia, Sufi, and Quraniyoon. The largest Islamic movement is the Sunni Islam, and it consists in the concept of consensus of the Ummah (it is the society in Arabic language.). Over centuries, the perception of Islam from plural view has changed. By the advertisement and the picture projected by US medias has changed the meaning of Islam and attribute it to some terrorist who don’t know anything about the real meaning of Islam.

The real meaning of Islam is a religion composed of multiple steps to live a life in a peaceful way with no difficulties, waiting for the death in order to live another life in heaven or hell, according to what you have done in your life. It’s the judgment made by Allah, which send you to heaven or hell. Moreover, Islam is several practices gathered together in order to build a perfect personality by following the talks in the Qur’an, which guide you to the right path by only doing good to please god. Worship is the pillow of Islam, and it provides a spiritual appeasement to the practice. The translation of the words Islam means becoming peaceful, acceptant, and self-serenaded. Islam comport five important pillows. Faith, and it’s the beliefs that there is no god but god itself, prayer, Muslims pray five time in different times during the day, charity, and it’s taking some money from the rich and giving it to poor person. Fasting, and pilgrimage are also pillows of Islam. Muslims are people who take Islam as religion and thank god to what he gives them. Unfortunately, people tend to forget what is the real...
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