What is Happiness

Topics: Thomas Aquinas, Utilitarianism, Happiness Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: October 9, 2013
A great deal of emphasis is placed on the concept of happiness. Philosophers, counselors, and greeting card writers have addressed the topic at length. Once they determine what they believe happiness to be, they question how happiness can be achieved. In defining happiness, it is necessary to decide whether happiness is a subjective experience or an objective condition. These factors significantly impact the perception of happiness and its attainability. I believe happiness is a positive state of being which is achieved through a combination of knowledge, pleasure, personal fulfillment and contribution to society. Based on these criteria, I believe happiness is a subjective experience of emotional and physical satisfaction.

Happiness is a positive state of being, demonstrated as a reflection of one’s inner world to the external world. It is important to emphasize that a positive state of being is contingent on morally accepted choices and interactions. Happiness is subjective because each person is different. What fulfills one person may not interest another. An artist experiences happiness through creating and sharing her paintings. An athlete finds happiness by training, setting, and achieving his goals. A teacher achieves happiness through helping her students learn. A mother’s happiness results from guiding her young children through life and sharing their experiences. Each experiences happiness as a result of his or her personal interest or passion that brings enjoyment and pleasure. It is subjective because the feelings and the happiness belong to the individuals. It is their essence that derives happiness from these experiences. These examples illustrate the subjective emotional and physical causes for their happiness. I believe the state of being happy is attained through four different components: knowledge, pleasure, personal interaction, and contribution. Happiness does not remain at a constant state during a lifetime as it is amplified and...
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