What Constitutes “Legal”and “Illegal” Immigrants

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  • Published : October 17, 2011
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What constitutes “legal”and “illegal” immigrants?
Immigration has been one of the major changes in the 21st century for population growth and multi cultural changes throughout the history of United States. United States Immigration Policy on Permanent Admissions says “Four major principles underlie U.S. policy on legal permanent immigration: the reunification of families, the admission of immigrants with needed skills, the protection of refugees, and the diversity of admissions by country of origin. These principles are embodied in federal law, the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).” United States has more than 63 military bases across the world covering 24,901 miles, but unable to protect our own borders of 1,969 miles long stretch dividing United States and Mexico from illegal immigration (dhs.gov). What can we do to protect our borders with other nations to stop illegal immigrants entering? United States spends more than billions of dollars on immigration policies concerning illegal entries, deportation and protecting borders. According to ProQuest and Washington AP, there are 12 million illegal immigrants in United States and 1 in 20 workers is an illegal immigrant. (STEPHEN OHLEMACHER) There has been many acts passed by congress to stop illegal immigration, such as 1986 Amnesty act, Act of illegal immigration reform and immigrant responsibility act. 1996 Act increased the amount of border patrol agents, introduced new border control measures, reduced government benefits available to immigrants and also established a pilot program which employers are able to check and verify eligibility of immigrants applying to work by telephone or electronically (DHA.gov). There are three distinctive areas that identifying an illegal immigrants as those who enter the United States without authorization, stay beyond the authorized period or violate the terms of legal entry. Illegal entry is entering illegally without proper documentation through the borders...
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