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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Immigration by definition means arrival of settlers in new country. Leaving ones country in hopes of finding a new country in which one can settle and make a new home is what makes immigration an integral part of human nature. Immigration in biology leads to genetic variation and higher survival levels. When one talks of immigration, now concerns of economy and living arrangements are the first thoughts that pop in the minds of many. Social and economical positions are extremely intertwined with the concept of immigration. Immigration leads to higher rates of competition in the economy which leads for businesses to have higher output levels, in turn giving room for more workers to be hired. Immigration also leads to more social diversity. More cultures are placed into areas with hundreds if not thousands of other cultures and soon the society becomes greatly diverse. Looking into the past, immigrant workers were responsible for the construction of this nation. This is indeed a nation built off the sweat of immigrant workers from the world over. Immigrants have given enough to this nation to be recognized as key aspects of this nation’s past. Through the process of immigration this nation has grown and expanded. Immigration has been a powerful worker in the creation of this nation and will be discussed as such. In biology organisms of the same species live within the same living habitats. They share the same needs and do not shun those who live in their habitats. Most organisms live with an understanding that working together will ensure survival. That is the understanding that if one were to exclude themselves from their pack then one would have a lower survival rate then with their pack. Humans go through their daily lives with the key intention of living for themselves. A study done by the American journal of human biology studied why humans migrate from where they initially lived. They found that humans immigrate in order to move from more rural habitats that...
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