What Connections Did You Find Between the Work and Your Own Cultural Experiences in Persepolis

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 3 (1035 words) Published: April 30, 2013
What connections did you find between issues in the work and your own culture(s) and experience? Family and Extended Family
Greek Culture:
-Dominant figure - The Father – Very important
-Open family – Always big dinners, people come around unannounced -Feeling secure/safe in the culture - Very open, leave your doors open at night -Traditions – Very important (Christmas, easter etc.), Family always has to be together -Same Household/ area – Same house through the generations, passed on Similarities and Contrasts with Iran:

-Statuses of Marjane’s parents – Both intellectuals, make joint decisions – However, ultimately the father tells the rest of the family ‘how it is’ -A lot of people do come over to Marjane’s house – open and welcoming family - Felt unsafe – Because of the war, they felt they couldn’t work with the culture -Traditions – don’t seem to be very evident – war acted as a barrier toward tradition of the culture. However, they had to wear the veil as a forced tradition. -Same Household – Grandma frequently seemed to be around the house – Her uncle came straight to the house after coming out of prison. Trusting relationship with her grandma (only one who knows about the book) – Shows they are close and frequently see each other. Freedom vs. Rebelling

Greek Culture:
-Father figure – strict to daughter, very protective over her actions. Contrast to the way he treats son, more relaxed, “father son” relationship, teach them “how to be a man” -Mother – tried to help daughter, hid stuff from father so that she could be free (see friends), tries to give freedom to learn – Knows what it feels like to be undermined by the father -Daughter action - tries to rebel because they are given less freedom to start with then sons -Role of woman – Can’t talk back to the male, very rude, never done in public – Woman rebel at home (secretive) -Freedom is given to a certain extent to girls; nowhere near as much as the boys Similarities...
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