What Are the Causes and Consequences of the Population Growth?What Are the Solutions?

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  • Published: March 31, 2011
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What are the causes and consequences of the population growth?
What are the solutions?

Population growth is one of the biggest threats to the planet and to humanity. Nowadays people in the world have around 6,845,609,960. If we compare to the last 50 years ago the increasing of population growth is stayed on the top highest level that made all people around the world caring about. First I will show you about the cause, then I will list the consequence, finally I will tell you how we can find the solutions.

Firstly, lack of education is a big problem of population growth. Because of people lack of knowledge to improve their life parents end up having lots of children to work and support their family. The parents believe it is better to have five people bringing in income then one. The increase of birth rate also link to education because of having low education people due to lack of awareness, desire for son, and early marriages etcs. Birth rate and death rate were about the same and keep the population stable. Because of the improvement of medical make the birth rate are heights, and the decrease of death rate is also due to better technology and medical. Most culture and religion are repressed on the reproducing more people that improve the people in each society reproducing more the birth rate. Especially, Muslim cultures husbands are always on the top it’s mean that husbands are the first priority in the family. Husbands can do whatever they want with their wives, but wives have no right to oppose the husbands because of the religion and the culture. Example: wives know their husbands are engaging in unsafe multiple sex, but they still can't ask their husbands to wear condoms. And China culture wives must have son for their husband’s family. If not the husband will find new wife, so the culture in China is one of the most increasing population cultures that why China is the number one country of having the most population in the world. Agriculture also can cause the population growth but it’s often occurring in the developing country only. Because in the developing country such as: Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam 80% of whole people in these countries are doing agriculture without new technology, plan, and knowledge. Most of them still used the low method, low technology, and traditional concept. All of these factors are demanding people, so it can make all those farmers think they do need more people to run their agriculture. Otherwise, for the developed country like US not many people are doing agriculture. 20 percents of them are only doing agriculture but farmer in the US doesn’t making to population growth because they used high technology for farm. Example, they use airplane to water the crops. Economic also cause the population growth in the developing country because of the low economic system people are struggle for living so parents have no time to think about the future for their kids most thing they worries about is survival and food. Because of low economic government have not enough money to serve their people and it is link to people have no money to send their children go to school. So people have no education and the population growth still increasing. Government policy make the population growth because some government think to increase their population seize can maintain their economic and military security.

Secondly, the consequences of the population growth lead to poverty, crowding, public health, and environment etcs. The impact of poverty mean lack of everything that people needs such as food, shelter, healthcare, clothes, and education. If people live under the poverty line it can caused the country like no voice in policies services, limited access to education, health services, land and water, poor access to credit facilities, difficult access to markets, low household incomes etcs. Crowding it is happened from the overpopulation and the quality of life may become worse. For...
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