Population Growth Rate

Topics: Population, Demography, Population ecology Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Thesis statement: Overpopulation occurs when there are not enough resources on the earth to support its population. So it is one of the huge problems that our planet is facing it.The human population is increasing rapidly for many reasons. We can say that the problem of overpopulation started since the industrial revolution, because the industrial revolution helped people in finding more jobs, with a very good wages or pays, this increase in payment made people get more children, because they had more money to support larger family sizes, or provide a good life for their children. Also the industrial revolution lead to a real good health care to people by offering many kind of medicines, and vaccines to help people challenge diseases and sicknesses. By supplying all the points above the life expectancy of human on this earth had increased. Through by this large amount of population we are putting big stress on our planet. Generally, this stress will lead life in the direction of starvation, because as much as the number of human raises, they need more land for habitation. In this case less land would be available for farming, which will lead the planet epically less developed countries toward food crises. Overpopulation is results from various causes such as not having the capacity to control family size or lack of family planning, improved medicine, low death rate, lack of global epidemics, and poor education…etc. These are the main reasons behind overpopulation. Overpopulation has bad impact on many aspects in our life such as: environment, society, and economy. The solution for such an issue like growth of population is not this much easy it should contain combine efforts from many parts. The reason for that is because the causes of overpopulation are very massive, so the solutions should be equally varied. One of the most important solutions is limiting population or controlling population. This research paper will examine the causes behind...
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