What Are the Aims of Academic Study, and How Can They Be Achieved

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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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What are the aims of academic study, and how can they be achieved?

Currently, a large number of students graduated from high school go to the university to get further study. Through academic study, they think they can learn a lot of knowledge and skills. They believe the knowledge and skills will bring them bright future. To achieve the aims, they find their weakness and work hard. In the university, students can see lots of experienced professors and intelligent schoolmates. It is human resources. They can learn many things which are useful to them when stepping into the society. When they do academic study, they will have lots of chances to cooperate with classmates. It is a good way for them to train the ability of cooperation which is an essential ability in the society. Living in the competitive society means that one person master one more skill then he has more chance than others. To sum up, academic study is a good way to develop personal growth. By doing so, students will have a bright future meanwhile they are able to contribute to the development of society. According to the aims mentioned just now we can easily find that academic study is fundamentally important. So many people try to find methods of achieving academic study. This essay introduces some of them. First, students need to know their strengths and weaknesses. Then, they can make the strengths stronger and change their weaknesses into strengths. Second, student should think about the abilities they have and then find the way that how to develop their abilities. One final point should not be overlooked, students should try to find their hobbies in academic study, because hobby is the best teacher. It will make learning more efficient. From what I talked about above, we can easily find that academic study has a lot of benefits to not only the students but also the society. Academic study cultivates talents who can develop the human civilization. So, all students should try their best to...
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