What Americans Keep Ignoring

Topics: Teacher, Education, Private school Pages: 2 (905 words) Published: December 19, 2012
What Americans keep ignoring about Finland’s school success The USA’s school system needs to be improved, and they can look up to Finland. Finland is always one of those lands who has the highest scores in PISA tests, and that means that there is something all other countries can learn from Finland. In Finland’s school they don’t exhaust the pupils through several hours, but they assign the pupils less homework and teach them through creative play. We can also take notice of the fact that they don’t have any private schools in Finland, there are some independent schools but they are publicly financed. There is not any private university either, so everyone has to go to a public school. The article is about the man called Pasi Sahlberg. He is Finnish and he has of course he parents who both are school teachers. He went to school in Finland, so he knows what he is talking about. He has spent a lot of years being an education expert for several international organizations. From Sahlberg’s point of view the Americans are thinking about education in another way. Americans think that they need to test their students all the time, so that they know how good they are. They are also thinking about the teachers whether they are good enough, and that should improve by time too. The Americans are thinking too much about competition, where they should think about what’s best for the students, how they learn the best. The Finnish has only one test, which you need to take after having attended a voluntary upper-secondary school. The tests they take in the meantime are tests made by the teacher, who is trained to make these tests themselves. At the end of a semester each student gets a report card, where every teacher from the classes has written a report. In Finland it is not as easy to become a teacher like in the USA. You need a master degree, and if there is a bad teacher, the headmaster of the school has to take notice and deal with it. The teachers have gained a lot of...
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