Whale Wars Essay

Topics: Whaling, Humpback whale, Whaling in Japan Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: March 14, 2013
The Whale Wars
Every December, a fleet of hungry, evil whaling vessels set sail from Japan to commence their annual hunt on the minke and humpback whales in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary in the Southern Ocean. At the same time there is a crew of passionate volunteers making ready their vessels to make the same journey to the Southern Ocean, but they are not going there to whale. They are going there to do whatever is necessary to make sure Japan does not kill any whales as it is illegal to kill whales in this sanctuary in Antarctica. They are the Sea Shepherds and they operate under the United Nations World Charter for Nature. Which gives citizens the right to uphold laws when governments are too scared to do so. These are their battles this is their war. Sea Shepherd is a group of passionate non-violent volunteers that crew the four ships of Sea Shepherd that proudly fly their own version of the Jolly Roger on their ships. They head to Antarctica every year to do what they do best, find and shut down this illegal whale poaching operation by the Japanese whaling fleet. They utilize a helicopter, drones, and radar systems to locate the whalers. When they find them they know that they will do whatever is necessary to save the life of a whale from being shot through the back with a grenade tipped harpoon. They may find the three harpoon vessels early in the season but their ultimate and elusive target is the Whalers factory ship the Nisshin Maru. Where the whales are processed and then packaged into packs of whale meat to be sold in stores in Japan. When they finally find the factory ship, all four Sea Shepherd vessels converge on the stern slipway where the whales are hoisted up into this floating abattoir of death. Once all the ships have arrived at the factory ship there is no way that another whale will be killed because they will not kill them if they cannot transfer them to be processed. Sea Shepherd uses...
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