West Nile Virus

Topics: West Nile virus, Mosquito, Microbiology Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: July 24, 2012
West Nile Virus
Summertime, without doubt is the best season for students, the mood that it brings along with it, is the time that most people treasure. However, as we go along and having wonderful time in this period, it is very important that we remain healthy and safe. The season not only brings the things we obviously expect, but also has been associated with viruses which can cause various diseases. People who enjoy themselves along the lakes and rivers should keep in mind of the threatening of the West Nile Virus. West Nile Virus is one serious mosquito-borne virus. It is known to affect people mostly in North America, and it breaks out during summer and extends towards fall. It had been discovered in early 1937 back in Africa, then, it spread to the US around 1999 and has caused disease in 48 states by 2002 (Zielinski-Gutiérrez 2003). West Nile Virus had been found to be caused by mosquitoes that have been infected, that is those carrying the virus. The virus originates from the birds’ infected blood, it was found that the mosquitoes are able to transmit the virus to people and animals, and also can be spread through transfusion of blood, organs transplant during pregnancy and breastfeeding (Hayes and O’Leary 2004). Fortunately, it cannot be transmitted through; hugging, kissing, touching or being around infected people additionally cannot be spread from other animals to human beings. People who live near stagnant water, which offer a breeding place for mosquitoes, are easier to get infected. Consequently, the large population around these people are also at risk of the infection. Another group of people frequently attacked are those with low immune systems, for instance people infected with HIV/ AIDS. Their immune system is low and cannot fight the infection (White and Morse 2002).

Biology of the pathogens and Mode of transmission
West Nile Virus is a single stranded positive- sense RNA. It’s transmitted between birds, especially among the American...
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