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The title of the project is “A STUDY ON LABOUR WELFARE IN KOLENCHERY GREENVALLY FIVE STAR AQUA MINERALS processing company ltd. Welfare means fairing or doing well.it is a comprehensive term and refers to the physical mental and emotional well doing of an individual further the term. Welfare is a relative concept relative in time and space. It is there for various from time to time form region and from country to country. The institute of labour welfare organization defines “Labour welfare as a term which is understood to include such service facilities and amenities as may be established in or in the vicinity of undertaking to enable the person employees in them to perform their work in healthy, congenial surrounding and to provide them amenities conductive to good health and high morale.

The main objectives of the study are to find out the labour welfare programs adopted by Greenvally aqua minerals processing company ltd. for its employees. The present study was also undertaken with following subsidiary objective. 1. To gauge the extent of awareness among the employees about welfare measures and the level of satisfaction as regards each and every welfare facilities. 2. To find out the extent of the implementation of the various welfare measure and there effectiveness. 3. To find out the facilities provide by the NHCL which are mentioned in factories act. 4. To give recommendations and suggestions on the basis of finding with a view of improve welfare facilities and working environment. 5. To analysis various welfare activities provide by the management to employees. 6. To study the workers attitude towards the welfare facilities provide by the management.


Now day’s management didn’t take so much care in the welfare of their employees. Employees are not so much satisfied with their present salaries and they are not providing with necessary benefits or necessary facilities in the company. The researcher hopes that this project brings the attention of the company authorities to the labour problems. 1. It aim is to improve the working condition of the employees 2. To increase the morale of the employee.

3. To increase the efficiency, skill and knowledge of worker. 4. It aim is partly civic because it develop a sense of responsibility and dignity among the workers.


This study is based on both primary data and secondary data. Research is way in systematically solve the problem.it may be under stood as a science of study how research is done scientifically. The research design is the basic frame work. This provides guidelines for the rest of the research process. The research design specified the method for data collection and data analysis. In this study primary data are collected with help of structured questionnaire. Secondary data are thus collected by someone same propose and are available for the present study.

The collected data were notified, tabulated or summarized with help of different statistical tools like tables or a graph was used for the pictorial.


Primary data was collected using questionnaire and survey. The survey by 50 employees the details are collected from greenvally five star aqua minerals processing company limited.

Secondary data are thus which not primary data. Data which are already assembled are called secondary data. Thus data may be available within the firm or organization. Secondary for this society was collected from various relevance published sources. In this study the secondary data collected from the records are reports of the company.

A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collections and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine in procedure. There are 3 types of research design....
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