A Study on Welfare Measures

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Introduction All industries are made up of people and function through people,

without people no industries exist. The resources for men, material and machinery are collected, co-coordinated and utilized through people. Human resource by themselves fulfill the objectives of an industries, they need to be united into a team. it is through the combined effects of people that material and monetary resource are effectively utilized for the attainment of common objectives without unity of no industry can achieve its goal. According to Urwick. L.F., “Business houses are made broken in the long run not by market, capital, patents or equipment but by men” Of all the resource, manpower is the only resource, which does not depreciate with the passage of time. Hence it is the duty of every employer to safeguard the resource because without human resource no industrial unit can survive. In every industrial unit the human resource requires some basic facilities inside the premises to perform the job properly. These basic facilities are termed as welfare measures in the Factories act 1948. The need for adoption of welfare measures as a means to increase the workers productive efficiency, to keep up these moral and for the maintain of 1

industrial peace which has then realized by all section of the society. The main objectives of this provision are to provide basic welfare amenities to the workers, while working in the factories. Provision relating to welfare of the factory workers has been numbered in Section 42 to Section 50 of the factories act 1948. The welfare measures according to the Factories act 1948 are as follows 1. Washing facilities In every factory adequate and suitable facilities for washing shall be provided and maintained for the use of workers, Separate and adequately screened facilities shall be provided for the male and female workers. Such facilities shall be easily accessible and shall be kept clean. The state government may make rules prescribing adequate standard of facilities for washing. 2. Facilities for storing and drying In every factory facilities must be provided for the storage of clothing not worn during working hours and for the drying of wet clothing. 3. Facilities for sitting In every factory where workers are obliged to work in a standing position for suitable arrangements for sitting should be made so that such workers may take advantage often opportunity for rest which may occur in the course of their worker. The state government may, by notification 2

in the official gazette, grant an exemption from the above provision to any specified factory or classes or description of factories or to any specified manufacturing process. 4. First aid appliances The Act has made the provision for first aid appliances obligatory. Every factory must have first –aid boxes or cupboards equipped with the prescribed contents so as to be readily accessible during all working hours. In every factory where more then 500 workers are ordinarily employed there shall be provided and maintained an ambulance room of the prescribed size containing the prescribed equipment the ambulance rooms shall be in the charge of properly qualified nursing staff. These facilities shall be made readily available during the working hours of the factory. 5. Canteen Section 46 casts statutory duty on occupier of a factory, that is to say, the person who has the ultimate control of affairs of a factory to provide a canteen conforming to the rules which may be prescribed by the State Government. In every factory employing more than 250 workers the State Government is given the right to require such factories to maintain a canteen for the use of the workers.


This section authorises the State Government to make rules in respect of canteens providing for (a) (b) The date by which the canteen shall be provided; The standards in respect of construction, accommodation, furniture and other...
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