Weight Watches Case Study

Topics: App Store, Price, Apple Inc. Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: February 7, 2013
MARK 1120-050
1. What do you think the PlayBook’s primary customers were at the time of its launch? Who were the customers for the iPad? Ans: The PlayBook’s primary customers were existing blackberry customers, especially its corporate clients. And the customers for the iPad were the consumers interested for factors like apps, sleek design etc. 2. Do you think that both devices provided adequate value to their customers? Which of these two tablets do you prefer and why? Ans: The interesting factors of PlayBook included its ability to multitask and videoconference, its presentation, its speed, its light weight and small size. The interesting factors of iPad included its front-facing camera, apps, and sleek design. After looking over these features we could say that they provide adequate value to their customers. I would like to prefer iPad because it came with dozen of preloaded apps and gave customers access to more than 140,000 apps though its app store which is very important factor to consider. 3. What main factors do you think RIM considered before it priced the PlayBook lower than the iPad? Do you think the lower price will entice customers to buy the iPad instead of the PlayBook? Ans: RIM considered pricing its feature-packed PlayBook at a discount compared with both of Apple’s models. No, I don’t think the lower price will entice customers to buy the iPad instead of PlayBook. 4. Media reports suggest that the launch of the PlayBook was low-key. Why do you think RIM opted for a low-key launch? Do you think this strategy was appropriate, or should RIM have tried to create greater buzz? Ans: RIM opted for a low-key launch so that others couldn’t compare these two launches. I think Rim should have tried to create greater buzz to compete with its competitors.
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