Wegman Case Study

Topics: Sociology, Value, The Culture Pages: 4 (1150 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Question 04:
What is the primary source of Wegmans’s culture, and what are some ways that it has been able to sustain itself? Answer:
The culture of an organization does not immerge automatically at once. It is a consequence of series of activities that had been enforced by the group who influenced to create it, change it and who actually lives together with in transforming the culture to the future. For most of the organizations, it is the founder who begins the culture. Being the founders they have a major impact on deciding the cultural characteristics that would be engraved to the organizations that they form. They decide the vision and have a mind set of what type of culture that will be adopted in achieving the vision at the end. It is also the founders who had become the ultimate source of Wegmans’s culture as well. They were brothers, John and Walter wegman. They had started this company with one grocery store in Rochester, New York in 1930. More importantly distinguishing their culture from the perceived cultures in other organization’s of the same industry. The early culture as well as business strategy they used quickly separated their company from existed groceries and created a unique identity for them. This culture creation occurred in mainly three ways:

* They hire the people who think the same way :
The pioneers of wegmans had interest on food and they thought the employees should also possessed the same interest. * They indoctrinated and socialized these employees in to their way of thinking and feeling. * Their own behavior acted as a role model that encourages employees to internalized the core values, norms and practices of founders to themselves. This is evident by the decisions which had taken by Walter’s Son in 1950. – Implemented a generous number of employee benefits such as profit sharing and medical coverage, completely paid by the company. The same followed by Danny, Robet’s Son, launched an immense college scholarships...
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