We Need More Engagement Around Here

Topics: Employment, Motivation, Management Pages: 4 (765 words) Published: January 25, 2013
The Problem

The employee motivation and engagement in the company is poor. Lots of workers are easygoing and apathetic. Only few of the employees give effort in their job. They also say that they were not able to learn and grow in the past year. Many employees say that they are satisfied with their salary and benefits however, only few of them are willing to stay in the company for at least three years. They are not motivated and showed no interest which leads to poor performance of their job. This could worsen if no proper actions would be taken.

Areas to consider

The company has both strengths and weaknesses; some of their strength is the following:

• The employees know what they are expected at work. The management did a good job in giving them direction.

• The employees believe that their immediate boss is doing a good job. It shows that they respect their immediate boss.

• The company imposes an effective compensation system.

The company’s weak areas are the following.

• High employee turnover

• Low employee engagement to work

• Less employee efforts

• Low employee engagement to co-workers

• No opportunities for employee growth and learning

Alternative courses of action

Alternative 1 : Job enrichment and Employee empowerment

The management could apply job enrichment as a strategy for motivation and satisfaction. Jobs are enriched by including more planning, decision making and responsibility by workers. Employee empowerment could also be a tool in improving performance. Employees must be included in decision making especially if it affects them. They must also be able to communicate with their immediate boss in whatever concerns they have. It is also important that they receive direct feedback. Employees should receive immediate evaluation of their work so that they will know whether there’s a need for them to improve or increase effort for...
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