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menCase Study - Ancient Human Remains Weerdinge Men

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John and Darby|

The intestines of Darby|

Darby's Hair |
Weerdinge Men

When, where, how was the body found?
The bodies of the two men were found in Drenthe, Netherlands in the southern part of Bourtanger Moor in 1904. By a peatcutter named Hilbrand Gringhuis.

Weerdinge Men are Number 7|

What do they look like today?
Well, they look very dead. The bodies were found together so scientists assumed that they were a couple (man and woman) but recent studies have shown that they are actually two men. They were found naked. The more intact Weerdinge man had a large wound on his chest, through which his intestines spilled out. Both they're heads were mostly missing.

How did they die?
The two most probable interpretations are that:
(1) If he had been sacrificed ( the more intact male), he may have been disemboweled so that the presiding priest(ess) could read his entrails as a form of divination. (2) He was disemboweled in battle and then buried with his partner (also killed in battle or sacrificed to accompany the slain hero). The death of the second body is still not known.

How were the bodies preserved?
The chemicals found in the bogs in northern europe have preserved the bodies.

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Drents Museum in Assen, the Netherlands: The Weerdinge Men|  |
Double bog body finds are quite rare, so the Weerdinge Men are special--in even more ways than that.Found in the Bourtangermoor in 1904 by peatcutter Hilbrand Gringhuis,...
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