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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Kaitlyn Simpson
Dr. Gibson
English 231-04
Archaic Lore in “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” and “The Dead”
Intro: Id texts and subject. Thesis: D.H. Lawerence and James Joyce use archaic lore in their stories “The Horse Dealers Daughter”, and “The Dead”. Storytakes place in English midlands, four sibling late 20’s sittng around family home.

-- D. H. Lawrence’s stories have the sense that they’re ritualistic; his rough home life. He had a God awful dysfunctional family. His mom and dad were polar opposites which caused them to Fight battle through the kids. In early 20’s he got ill, and diagnosis 100 years ago tuberculosis. It was incurable then. . He knew he was dying therefore he decided he wouldn’t waste what he had. He sought out the things that were really important. A deeper meaning in life “savage pilgrimage,” he traveled around the world. He was looking for the power spots. One of the things he realized was there were also power centers within everyone of us. All over the planet ancient patterns that play out over and over. In D. H. Lawrences’ writings he explains a very archaic belief--that there are energy vortices within all of us. These power centers are located in our spiritual bodies, and are known as “chakras”. But as Lawrence explains, in most of us, there is a tremendous imbalance in the way the chakras are activated, and this imbalance causes various problems, neuroses, and complexes in our lives. In “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” D.H. Lawrence uses an example of imbalanced chakra when he talks about Mable looking at her brothers like she is condemned. He looks tired no vitality, he’s ill. Joe, her brother, states that hes a doctor, and yet hes still sick. He’s got the intellect yet he has no vitality which is an example of imbalanced chakra. (page?) In Lawrence’s stories, this imbalance (usually between the upper and lower chakras) is a key trait in many of his characters, and quite often the plot of the story...
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