Week Two Assignment One

Topics: Medicine, Management, Public administration Pages: 3 (393 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Library Search Worksheet

Use this worksheet to take notes about the articles you find when researching for Week 2 Assignment 1: University Library Search. Fill out each section of the tables for Article 1 and Article 2. You can also save a blank copy of this worksheet and use it to properly cite your sources when you write research papers for your future courses. 

Article 1:

|Career Explored |Health Administration | |Author | Arnold Mary | |Year published | 71 | |Title of article | Education for Administration of Health services | |Title of Publication/Journal/ | Academic Journal, public Administration review | |Magazine | | |Volume/month of publication (if |Volume 31, Sept,Oct | |available) | | |Date you retrieved article from |2-25-13 | |database | | |Summary of article |The history of education for health administration has been tied to cultural | | |characteristics of the medical field It is also changing to meet growing specialists in | |...
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