Week 5 Assignment

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Week 5 Assignment:Community Landscape Project (page 1/5)

Student:Tony Donnelly
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Risk Analysis:


Milestones are indicators that are inserted into a programme at points of strategic activity. These milestones enable us to track specific events so we can identify certain conditions through the course of a project.

In the case of our landscape project we have five milestones inserted into our Gantt chart. They are at task 2 Design backyard, task 4 Get quotes for purchases, task 5 get quotes for contractors, task 11 level yard and task 20 make payments.

The significance of these milestones is to enable the team to identify where the key elements of the project are, in terms of risk and progress.

The milestones indicate risks lie at these points because they are key tasks on the critical path.

Task 2: If the design is not complete and agreed upon no work can commence. The project will never get off the ground. Risks here can be design not being completed in-time for the start date; 31st August.

Task 4: If the quotes are not obtained for the purchase of materials and plant the programme will stop and overrun. Wrong materials or delayed deliveries would cause duration overrun.

Task 5: Similarly; if these quotes are not received the budget is at risk of overrun.

Task 11: As long as the backyard is levelled the re-construction of the landscape can take place. Up to this point in the programme we have been preparing for this task. The risks here are that the yard is not levelled and the programme stops. An accident causes the suspension of the programme.

The quality of the work is poor causing a delay in the programme

Task 20: When all work has been completed payments can be made which will enable the important task to be completed; handover. Risks identified with this task involve none payment and the opening ceremony being delayed.

Due to the limited size of the task force employed for this project, illness and team member absenteeism is a risk that could have a detrimental effect on the performance of the programme.

Week 5 Assignment:Community Landscape Project (page 2/5)

Student:Tony Donnelly
Student ID Number:15505693

Risk Mitigation Plan:

Planned risk responses must be appropriate to the significance of the risk, cost effective in meeting the challenge, realistic within the project context, agreed upon by all parties involve and owned by a responsible person; PMBOK (2008)

Risks are inherent in all tasks and activities that we carry out. The risks involved with our project cannot be omitted but they can be managed and in the possibility that they occur then their impact on our programme can be mitigated.

Following our risk assessment we produce a risk register. The risk assessment documents and details the identified risks, the likelihood that the risk will be realised and the severity of the risk. This register documents the risks and has the effect of focusing the team member’s minds onto what the potential problems are and where and when they are likely to occur.


Delayed design deliveryMonitor and ensure design is completed on time Delayed in quotes & deliveriesEnsure enough time is given for the process to occur, penalise those that are late, (this will work for deliveries also) Poor quality delivered Ensure work forces are trained and competent Accident on site Ensure all risk assessments and method statements are adequate. Workforce should be competent. Delay in paymentsEnsure appropriate resources are available in sufficient time. Monitor payment management method Absent team memberIdentify a competent person as replacement

Week 5 Assignment:Community Landscape Project (page 3/5)

Student:Tony Donnelly
Student ID Number:15505693

Landscape Project Progress Report to date 9th...
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