Week 3 - Philosophy and Education: Comparison Chart of the Philosophical Models of Education

Topics: Education, Psychology, Teacher Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Theory| Strengths| Weaknesses| Advantages| Disadvantages| Wong’s Pragmatic Classroom| * This theory has a very clear set of procedural suggestions and specifies the actions needed (what to say, goals to have in mind, expectations, etc.). * This theory is easily followed because it divides the procedures into time frames for the teachers (before school starts, the first days, the rest of the year, etc.).| * This theory assumes a cause-effect relationship between its principles and student actions that are not universally true. * This theory focuses more on the success and behavior of the teacher (what to do when) than on the needs of the students.| * This theory shows everything the teacher has control over, so all teachers can apply it. * Harry Wong’s theory fosters discipline and order, predictability and regularity.| * The main disadvantage to this theory is its rigidity. It doesn’t take differences, individual student needs, and unexpected events into account. * Teachers implementing this theory may struggle with adaptation to student needs and behavior. * Teaching can become a habit for the teacher, and opportunities to help each student develop their personal potential may be overlooked.| Kagan, Kyle, & Scott’s Win-Win Discipline| * This discipline program removes confrontational association between teachers and students. * It places students, parents, and teachers on the same side. * It provides extensive structure for implementation.| * Win-Win discipline draws too much attention to student’s misbehaviors. * This plan gives the students too much power.| * It teaches discipline through internally motivated controls. * It discourages resentment. * Its results are long standing.| * It may take longer to see positive results. * This approach may be perceived as being too permissive.| Morrish’s Real Discipline| * This model demonstrates a clear understanding of human nature and how children...
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