Week 2 Case Study 10 an Anti-Nepotism Policy

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  • Published: February 3, 2013
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Case Study 10|
An Anti-Nepotism Policy|
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Table of Contents
1.Describe the issues in the case2
2.Provide a clear explanation of the union’s position2
3.Explain management’s position4
4.Relate the two positions to the contract language5
5.Discuss your analysis of the remedy6

1. Describe the issues in the case
On November 2, 2006 Journeyman Mechanic Keith Walton was discharged for violating the anti-nepotism policy of the Company. Mr. Walton had been employed by the Company since April 30, 1999. The Company has a strict standing no-relative rule to prevent nepotism in the work place that predates World War II but wasn’t officially published in the employee handbook until 1998. It states that employees may be discharged for violation of the anti-nepotism policy (Sloane & Witney, 2011). On January 5, 1999 Mr. Walton applied for employment with the Company and in it he states that no relatives of his are employed by the Company. He was unaware of his uncle being employed with the Company during the application process and found out some time later. In light of this the Company has made it clear that he was not discharged for falsification of the employment application (Sloane & Witney, 2011). The issue didn’t arise until October 2006, after 7 ½ years of employment with the Company in which time he worked his way up to his current title. On October 30, 2006 he was confronted by Assistant Maintenance Superintendent Frank Hayes in which he wanted to find out whether the accusations had validity behind them or not. During such conversation Hayes reassures Mr. Walton by saying “no matter what happened, don’t worry” (Sloane & Witney,...
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