Weddings and Funerals

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Weddings and Funerals

Weddings and funerals have many similarities and differences. Weddings and funerals are both emotional in some way. They’re also similar in that they both gather family and friends together. Weddings and funerals are different in that one is celebrating the union of two people, and the other is mourning the loss of someone.

Weddings have many emotions that go along with them. Most of the emotions that are associated with wedding are joyful and excited. Funerals also have many emotions that go along with them. Most of the time the emotions at funerals are mournful and sad.

Weddings and funerals both bring family and friends together. Weddings usually gather together a wide variety of friends and family members. Funerals typically gather only very close friends and family. Funerals are usually smaller as well as quieter. Weddings are normally more energetic and more fun.

Weddings are a celebration of two people falling in love and wanting to make a permanent commitment. Weddings are a cheerful occasion and are filled with singing and dancing. Funerals are ceremonies held to celebrate the life of someone who has recently passed away. Funerals are usually filled with sorrow and remembrance for the person that has died.

Weddings and funerals have many differences that people usually notice above the similarities. However, they have many similarities that many people have never realized. They are both ceremonies with friends and family. As well as, they both have a lot of emotions that go along with them. Weddings and Funerals are obviously different but at the same time have many similar characteristics that go along with them.
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