Wedding Dance

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  • Published: July 21, 2013
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A Blanc – French for “in white”. Usually used to describe cream sauces, or meats that are prepared without browning them. Acetic acid – Formed when airborne bacteria interacts with fermented products (beer, wine, etc.). It is what makes vinegar sour to the taste. Acidulate – To make food or liquids slightly acidic by adding vinegar or lemon juice to it. Aerate – The term means the same as "to sift". Dry ingredients passed through a sifter or fine mesh strainer to break up clumped pieces. It also incorporates air into ingredients making them lighter. Affriander – A French term for a stylish and appetizing presentation of a dish. Affrioler – A French term for enticing ones guests to the table with hors d’oeuvres or small samplings. Ageing - (meat) The change that takes place when freshly slaughtered meat is allowed to rest and reach the state at which it is suitable for consumption. (see also, dry aging) (cheese) to store in a temperature controlled environment to develop flavor and texture. (wine) either bottle or barrel aged, reds benefit more from aging than whites. A La – A French term meaning “in the style/manner of”. A La Carte – A menu term referring to items priced individually. (see also, prix fixe) Al Dente – An Italian term literally meaning "to the tooth". Describing the degree of doneness for pastas and other foods where there is a firm center. Not overdone or too soft. Al Forno – An Italian term used to describe baked or roasted foods. Alkali – Baking soda is one of the more common alkali used in cooking. Alkalis neutralize acids. Amuse-bouche - A French term meaning “Amuse the mouth”. Also known as, amuse-gueule, amusee, petite amuse, and lagniappe. These are small samplings of food served before a meal to whet the appetite and stimulate the palate. Antipasto – An Italian term referring to an assortment of hot or cold appetizers (smoked meats, fish, cheeses, olives, etc.) it literally translates to "before the pasta" and denotes a relatively light...
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