Website Development

Topics: Translation, Middle East, Machine translation Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Translation is a very important part of a website when you are using it to reach out to audiences of different languages. When a particular person is looking at a website and is able to use programs such as Google translate to a language they are familiar with than this will help them get an understanding of the page and what content is involved with it. Though this is a great way to understand a webpage though, there are many problems that may arise from using one of these programs.

Google Translate, Bing, or any other translation program works great with common worded papers and documents. Usually though, when a person is looking up a website, they are looking for an explanation of some sort whether it be scientific research, medical documents, or even a legal document the wording is to advanced for a free program as listed above to accurately translate(Moore). When you are paying for a translation service though, a person is there actually translating the words making sure that not only the words are translated correctly but also the context that the wording is in is accurate as well(Moore). This will not only help when putting your website up but will also help keep audiences returning to your site.

International Companies have websites set up to give their product a name and let more people out there know about their product. In order to do this though, these companies have to specifically set their website accordingly to the consumer they are trying to reach. Unilever is one of these companies that work around the world providing products such as Lipton, Knorr, Dove and Omo, Suave, and even Promise(Unilever). With a company promoting so many brands, it is important to not only get their name out worldwide but also get their website out and tailored to the specific regions. When researching the different sites, one of the first things I noticed with change of course was the language. Looking more into it though, I started noticing one big difference....
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