Wealth Is Not the Only Yardstick of Sucess

Topics: Love, Friendship, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: February 26, 2011
Sharlene Chow 4c2
1i) Wealth is not the only way to judge how successful a person is. Do you agree? In our materialistic society of today, one’s success is often measured by the big bungalow you live in, the flashy car parked just outside, the clothes you are dressed in and even the breed of dog you own. The world is competing with each other in a show of wealth, typified by the show “Keeping up with the Joneses”. Wealth has become a yardstick of success and those who attain great wealth are deemed as having succeeded in life. Singapore has taken it to a new level with the 5Cs – Condo, Cash Card, Country Club, Car and the all-important Cash. In bookstores, we can see a whole section of self-help books dedicated for those who want advice on how to get rich. However, to simply use wealth as a yardstick to measure success is to take a narrow view of our purpose as human beings. Wealth is transient and fleeting, useless in teaching us to appreciate the finer points of life. Sayings like “Money cannot buy happiness” capture the message entirely. Love, friends, family and happiness are intangible that cannot be exchanged for mere scraps of paper. Cynics might point out that they can buy massages, gifts, cars even foreign wives! However, how can all that compare to real love, the knowledge that your family loves you, the camaraderie amongst friends and other heart-warming moments of life? Wealth pales in comparison to other yardsticks in life such as happiness. A wealthy man can have all the money in the world, but if his life is devoid of love and friendship, he can buy all the material goods in the world to no purpose, for his unhappiness cannot be soothed by a new car. In comparison, a poor man who can just earn enough to fill the hungry bellies of himself and his family, but with true friends and children whose laughter warms the house, can find true happiness. In such a scenario, who do we say has succeeded in life? Here, we can see that even though one might have...
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