We Eat to Live Not We Live to Eat

Topics: Freedom of speech, Democracy, Freedom of the press Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Should the press be completely free?
Definition of the press:-
The press is the way that focus on delivering news to the general public or to a specific public through papers The role of the press in the society:-
Newspapers are the important means of forming public opinion. They comment on current events and criticise or appreciate the conduct of the Government. It is through them that the public comes to know the problems that face the country. Thus they educate the public mind and enable the people to have their own opinions on matters of public importance. Newspapers keep us aware about the things going on in the world and specially the country. Moreover, newspapers increase r vocabulary and it makes us confident. They make ppl realize about the problems through the editor's column.

The uproar caused by the Prophet Mohammed caricatures has brought new light to the debate of the freedom of press that dates back to the days of the Renaissance. Nonetheless, press freedom is likely to be an inevitable feature in the society as the major role of the press in the society is to serve as informant as well as watchdog of most governments in the world. Therefore, the press should remain largely free especially in the area of publishing materials, the way of obtaining information, as well as the way of obtaining funds. However, the press can have a powerful effect on some areas of society (I changed the passive voice to active),so there should remain a certain degree of checks and balances so that the people who work for the press could be held responsible for their actions. As such, I would support this question and agree that the press should be given complete freedom within the framework of the law and the constitution.  

The press should be given complete freedom in the way they obtain funds to prevent the press from possible manipulation by the parties who fund the operation of the press. These manipulations would include making reports in the press...
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