We'Re Not Jews

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War II, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: November 21, 2012
We’re not Jews
The story takes place in the late 50’s where the foreigners begin to settle in the UK. The World War 2 has ended for not long ago, where the Jews where undermined of the Nazis people. The society has not accepted the foreigners (fernas) yet. Because it’s about the 50’s where the immigrant comes to British, because of the working capacity. And they don’t really know the immigrants and therefore they have a lot of prejudices about them. There is much racism among the British people about the immigrants. And it is still today.

Features of the post-modern society
We see the reflect of the post-modern society, when the Mother and Azhar are sitting in the bus and being bullied by Big billy and little billy. The people, who are sitting in the bus, are not even reacting on the Billy’s behaviour, they are totally ignoring them and pretending nothing is happening. That’s how people mostly are in the post-modern society they keeps to themselves. Another feature of the post-modern society is Azhar who has grown up in an interracial marriage which puts him in a situation, where he has problems with finding his identity in the British society. On the other hand, is his mother pushing him to be more British, by reading many books, being the best reader in class. Azhar who as many immigrants and people in the world has difficulties with finding their identity in the society. Azhar

Because of the negative experience Azhar has with these English people around him, he is feeling more warmth for his family at home. But on the other hand he does not want to disappoint his mother who is pressing him so much for being more British. We see that on the last page in the ending where Azhar is sitting with his family and laughing even though he don’t understand what they family are saying, but he is still felling that he belongs mostly to the Pakistani family. We do not hear about Azhar, enjoying childlike activities, playing games, or Having fun expect at...
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