Eng 157 Multicultural Analysis Paper

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The Importance of Multicultural Literature
David McCarthy

The Importance of Multicultural Literature
The introduction to multicultural literature into the broad world of differing walks of life, the reader may be surprised by the similarities between the cultures as well as the differences. Cultures are as eclectic as we are as individuals, each with their own quirks, intricacies, and uniqueness that inspires individuality regarding how the vast differences between cultures correlate to our own. Upon deeper examination of multicultural literature, however; we are also given the privilege to walk the path of the individual from whose perspective we are privy to through the written word. As many have wished at one point or another to know and understand what a particular individual is thinking, through reading multicultural literature, the opportunity to have such an experience and glean copious amounts of information. From the subtlest detail to major political agendas to personality quirks derived from current or past social standards of that culture. Although differences in points of view can prohibit understanding upon first contact greater exposure to literature from various cultures, one can find relation within themselves. One can empathize and humanize the characters that ultimately open the door to greater understanding of how a culture operates as well as attain the ability to relate those experiences to one’s own. To understand multicultural literature, one must first try to understand the cultural background of the author where he or she lives, what time, what their secular views are in a particular subject as well as their passions and influences. For instance, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’, author of the short story ‘The Return’ is heavily influenced by his negativity toward British colonialism in Africa. The "The Complete Review" (2010-2012) website had a list of the pros and cons of the author’s writing stating that he has...
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