Wayson Choy, Garry Engkent Analysis

Topics: Chinese language, North America, Toronto Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The amount of immigrants coming from all around the globe has been increasing in number over the years. In the beginning the pioneering immigrants that came to the Americas came in with blind expectations and no knowledge on how the change of scenery would affect their lives. The focus on how a younger generation of immigrants can easily adapt to different languages and cultures compared to an older generation of immigrants. The two essays “I’m a Banana and Proud of It” by Wayson Choy and “Why My Mother Can’t Speak English” by Garry Engkent had similar topics which is the life of Chinese Immigrants in North America. In Choy’s essay he focuses on how he feels left out of his Chinese heritage and how he admits that the younger generation of Chinese immigrants are being influenced on by American/Canadian culture via Television, Movies, Music and etc. Although he acknowledged that the pionner immigrants probably were also faced with the challenge to adapt to the culture of the foreign land they were in for the good of their families and themselves. The next piece by Engkent was written particularly about his mother’s citizenship problems; being a 1st generation immigrant from China to Canada his mother did not embrace the Canadian Culture at all and can only speak limited English. He tries to show readers how his mother keeps on referring to her Chinese heritage repeatedly referring to Chinese terms in every conversation they had. Basically he tries to show readers how his old stubborn mother is worrying about getting deported back to china since she has neglected herself on not learning to speak English and embrace the culture of the Canadian Society. In the end of the piece she was still given here citizenship with regards to her handicaps, and she proudly wanted to share her new life as a Canadian citizen with her husband who was always against her on the same thought.

The writers of both essays focused on the dilemmas of Chinese Immigrants in North...
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