Ways to Improve the Blind in Malaysia

Topics: Disability, Blindness, Visual impairment Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: February 23, 2011
First and foremost, all parties need to know that all disabled persons, including the visually impaired, have equal rights as those without disabilities, as stated in Chapter 2, Persons With Disabilities Act 2008.

As individuals, we would equip ourselves with ample knowlegde on the many ways to improve blind people’s standard of living and subsequently assist the blind towards better education and employment through right channels. We would raise awareness on the blind’s welfare among the people we know and influence them to support blind people.

The government could establish a public institute for the blind, similar to public universities, to educate blind people in professional fields, such as law, accountancy, psychology and more, rather than just the usual vocational techniques. They should introduce programs providing higher retirement pensions and work incentives to the blind. They should propose disability discrimination law to prevent discrimination against the blind especially in employment. There are about 54,000 blind people in Malaysia, based on the National Eye Survey, but RMK 10’s RM22million allocation supported only 800 disabled entrepreneurs. Thus, National Council for Persons with Disabilities should advise the government to increase the amount of fundings allocated for blind entrepreneurs. They should jointly provide valuable resources to help the blind create viable business plans acknowledgable by investors. They should sponsor social entrepreneurs who offer to help the blind in all aspects of life.

Blind associations should create a database keeping profiles of successful blind individuals for blind people to get career advices from them. More shops selling products and services of the visually impaired should be opened, allowing blind workers to participate in all areas of management. Blind associations should help to establish association for blind workers, run only by the blind, to protect their own employment rights. Blind...
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