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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Latisha Walker
EDU 620
Assistive Technology for Visual and Hearing Impairments

I have always wanted to understand and empathize with people who have experienced like with have no or limited hearing or vision. I want to understand how this will impact their education as well as life. On the up side of things there are so many new assistive technology devices that help people with vision and hearing disabilities and that is what I am going to touch on in this paper

In article from the Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work Environments The first device I will discuss helps people with vision impairment is the magnification software this software helps people with vision problems to see words and text better. I think their should be no problem for a student using this device I think once and student is show how to use it, it should be easy to use. I think that the magnification software will help in the classroom by having to student to be able to read text through text books and the teacher can print out what they will write on the board doing class so the person who is using the magnification software can follow along doing the lecture. The next thing I will talk about is the Electronic Braille note-taker which is a device with numerous functionalities used to input, store, and output text either in Braille or print. The newest devices store various types of files using internal drives or memory cards. They also have internet capabilities. I think that problem with this could be that using it for student may be hard at first it they are not use to using electronic devices. I think that this will help in the classroom by just making easier for the student to talk notes and they can also access the internet easier and by themselves it may help them stay more on point with what is going on and get it notes done more easier and quicker so that they can follow along with the class more easier and stay on takes more. The next thing I will talk...
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